Logitech G602 Driver Software Download

Logitech G602 Driver Software Download

Logitech G602 Driver Software Download support for Windows and Mac. We take Logitech software directly from the official Logitech support website https://www.logitech.com. Software that you can use for Logitech G602 consists of Logitech Gaming Software, Logitech Connection Utility, and Logitech G602 Firmware Update.


Logitech G602 Overview

The G602 is a mouse, using a sculpted ergonomic layout, finish with a jutting wing for one to support your thumb. On the other hand, conveniently available from the inch. They are just six programmable buttons, perfect for macros and key binds utilized during MMORPGs and similar games. Though not as many as the dozen buttons around the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming MouseBest Price in Amazon. Also, the six thumb buttons located on the G602 are formed to sit over the thumb rest. Also, have increased faces to make it simple to differentiate 1 badge from the other without needing to have a look at the mouse rather than your match.

Logitech G602 Driver
Logitech G602

Play confidence. G602 sticks through game after game with around 250 hours of electricity in Performance mode. That is as much as 8x the battery life of additional wireless gaming mice. All without undermining gaming detector and link functionality. G602 is powered by two standard AA batteries, together with the choice to remove one battery to correct its balance and weight. G602 provides a lag-free experience via a 2.4 GHz wireless link using a two-millisecond record speed.

Contrary to a unifying receiver intended to connect numerous devices, G602 utilizes the whole bandwidth of a dedicated USB nano receiver to get gaming-grade, low-latency functionality. A suitable storage slot in the battery compartment retains the nano receiver secure for transportation. Achieve excellent results with the default settings directly from the box. Set up one-button causes for activities that generally require digging into menus. Store a customized profile on-board to be used with almost any PC.

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Logitech G602 Overview Specification

Physical Specification
Height:5.47 in (139 mm )
Width:3.27 in (83 mm)
Depth:1.73 in (44 mm)
Buttons (Left / Right):20-million clicks
PTFE Feet:250-km range
Battery Life
HI mode (performance):250 hours (non-stop gaming)
LO mode (endurance):9 months (standard usage)
Resolution:250 – 2,500 DPI
Max. acceleration:> 20 G
Max. speed:> 80 IPS
Warranty Information
Warranty:3 Years

G602 is the initial wireless gaming mouse to incorporate exclusive Delta Zero™ detector optimizations to get high-accuracy cursor controller. Also battery-extending power optimization patterns. Whether flying across the display or honing in on a single pixel, then the 2,500 DPI sensor responds right to your hand motions. The LED-illuminated detector is intended to lessen the time that it takes to make fast moves, whether you want to correct your range for sniping in FPS, pick RTS components, or guide MOBA ability shots. Because utilize LGS to personalize the DPI settings to meet your style of play. Additionally, DPI cycling allows you to pick up to five DPI configurations while in-game.

G602 provides two different operating modes. Place the mode switch to Performance and receive around 250 hours of battery life without sacrificing any gaming-grade capabilities. Maybe not gaming? Switch to Endurance style and extend your battery life further into an astonishing 1,440 hours. The active mode is indicated in addition to the mouse: gloomy for Performance, green for Endurance, and blinking cyan when electricity eventually runs low. Because using a naturally-shaped clasp designed for maximum comfort over hours of usage, are always going to be the previous gamer standing. Six independently sculpted side buttons are easily identifiable by touch-ready only once you want them. And slip-resistant grips around the sides enhance control through hours-long gaming sessions.

Logitech G602 Driver Software Download for Windows

32 Bit64 Bit
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software9.02.61
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software8.81.15
Logitech G602 Driver Connection Utility2.00
Logitech G602 Driver Firmware Update4700.0012

Point your mouse to the software version to see OS support.

Logitech G602 Driver Software Download for Mac

NameVersion Download
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software9.02.17
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software8.96.40
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software8.83.55
Logitech G602 Driver Gaming Software8.50
Logitech G602 Driver Connection Utility2.00

Point your mouse to the software version to see OS support.