Logitech POP Smart Button Driver, Software, Download

Logitech POP Smart Button Driver Software Download

Logitech POP Smart Button Driver Software Download support for Android & iOS. We take Logitech Software directly from the official Logitech support website https://www.logitech.com.


Logitech POP Smart Button Product Overview

POP Smart Button enables everybody in the house control smart light, audio, and much more. Plan up to three distinct controls to include creativity and convenience during your smart home. Whether it is movies, studying, or a celebration, POP makes it effortless to match illumination with lifestyle. When you’ve attached blinds, lights, locks, thermostats, or other smart home devices, POP makes it simple to control several devices as you can. Use either a HomeKit picture or even a POP app recipe to activate multiple clever devices, like placing clever locks and night-lights before going to bed.

Logitech POP Smart Button Driver
Logitech POP Smart Button

Utilize POP to begin music, videos, and much more. App POP along with your beloved Sonos® channels and playlists. Since each button is wired and wireless, you may use POP almost anyplace. Mount one from the entrance door, keep one in your nightstand or take one from room to room. Utilize POP Add-On buttons to include natural, smart home controller where you prefer.

Logitech POP Smart Button PLUG AND POP

POP Smart Button unites with all the POP bridge to supply strong control that’s simple to use.


POP bridge plugs into a standard wall socket without messy cords.

Quick Mobile Setup

Whether utilizing the Apple Home program (for HomeKit apparatus ) or the POP program, installation is fast and simple. Easily blend various apparatus for control using one media.

Simple Three-Way Control

Press after, press double, or press-and-hold to activate different preset controls.

Homekit Compatibility

The POP bridge allows POP Smart Button readily and safely connect to HomeKit-enabled lights, lights, thermostats, and much more.

Works with Harmony

Utilize POP as a shortcut to Begin or finish Tasks when coupled with a Harmony hub-based remote.

Long Lasting Battery

Every button’s replaceable battery lasts for five years together with average household use.

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Logitech POP Smart Button Driver, Software Download for Android & iOS

Logitech POP Smart Button for Android1.3
Logitech POP Smart Button for iOS1.3

Point your mouse to the software version to see software info. You can download the POP for iOS or Android mobile application on the App Store or Google Play by clicking the download link below.

System Compatible:

iOS: iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 10.3 or higher.
Android: Bluetooth technology-enabled, the Wi-Fi-enabled and smartphone running Android 4.4 or higher.

For use with HomeKit-enabled devices: Apple Home, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 10.3 or higher.